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FASST (Flow-Assisted Sustainable Synthetic Technology)

FASST (Flow-Assisted Sustainable Synthetic Technology)

FASST is a new facility of Green SOC lab (greensoc.chm.unipg.it), created within AMIS project for the definition of flow processes for the sustainable synthesis of target compounds.

FASST flow reactors are designed to combine the use either heterogeneous or homogeneous catalytic systems, safer solvents derived from biomass or waste to access chemically and environmentally efficient synthetic protocols ready for being implemented on a larger scale.

At FASST, research is aimed at the development of flow protocols from the optimization of reaction conditions to the definition of the final tailor-made flow device.

To reach this goal FASST reactors are designed and equipped with temperature controlled chambers and are able to handle gases used as carrier and/or reagents (CO2, H2 O2,…) and in combination with microwave, ultrasounds, or photochemical irradiation.

Customized flow reactors allow to optimize the effciency of a process including the minimization of waste and energy consumption.

FASST is involved in the implementation of so called ‘’pump-free’’ systems. These flow devices are based on the safe handling of gaseous reagents to realize processes under contant atmosphere confitions using a series of packed-bed reactors.

FASST Lab has developed a long-standing expertise also in the flow-assisted biomass manipulation and valorization aiming at contributing with fundamental research in the transition from a petroleum-based to a bio-based economy by defining sustainable and scalable approaches.

FASST continuous flows reactors are designed to minimze waste by recovering the catalyst and/or the reaction medium combining conditions able to minimize metal leaching or setting in-line phase separation strategies.


Luigi Vaccaro (PI)