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Photochem (Photochemistry)

Photochem (Photochemistry)

The laboratory deals with the photophysical and photochemical characterization of films obtained by the deposition of molecules or inorganic materials to investigate the effect of the medium and the disposition on the dynamics of relaxation processes of excited states produced by radiation absorption and determine the efficiency of charge and energy transfer reactions.

As a matter of fact, our laboratory deals with the ultrafast non−linear optical spectroscopy of materials by studying the optical properties and excited state dynamics (photoinduced energy transfer and charge transfer processes) of novel complex molecular systems for different applications.

Accordingly, the experimental investigation is carried out by means of transient absorption (with nanosecond and femtosecond time resolution), fluorescence up conversion and two photon excited fluorescence spectroscopies. A major emphasis is placed on organic push-pull materials for non−linear optics, donor and acceptor materials for organic solar cells, emissive materials for OLEDs.


Fausto Elisei (PI)
Benedetta Carlotti